Now, you can Webcast your wedding to family & friends
worldwide over the Internet.

We will provide all services in telugu language.

Live Streaming Service

Adi Live Streaming - Always ready to BROADCAST the LIVE WEDDING FUNCTIONS AND LIVE EVENTS around the world to friends, relatives, family members those who are unable to be at the wedding can watch the function and all events with any computers and internet access. Any number of persons can simultaneously view the function via internet and computer from any where and any place in Cities, States and Countries.

High Quality and Multidevice

Adi Live Provide HD Live Streaming Services using with 4G technology. Adi Live uses an encoder that is able to produce different bit rates for each video, adapting audio and images to the user's player, always selecting the best quality. ADI LIVE analyzes and identifies the internet bandwidth and CPU used, ensuring immediate broadcasting of content and an excellent user experience, whatever the internet connection.

Technial Support

To maximize the benefits, we offer technical support and advice to ensure that the Live Streaming event is a great success. We provide support for the configuration of the video systems, as well as the encoder and perform monitoring of the broadcast in real-time to ensure a perfect viewing of the Live event. We will provide all technicla support in telugu language.

Our Streaming Services:

  • Wedding Live Streaming
  • Birthday
  • Voni Functions
  • Corporate Events
  • Video Conferences
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